FleetTrack Marine

Fishing Fleet Tracking System
Advanced  GPS  tracking system for fishing fleets and single vessel operators


  • The operator is guided by the on screen display of position and marks
  • Ensures safety and security of your fleet while maximising efficiency
  • A combination of GPS, satellite and mobile phone communications allows near real time data updating of information from the vessel to the land based server
  • SMS satellite text messaging service does not require mobile network coverage
  • Automatic notification of key events via SMS or email


  • Runs on existing computer systems, laptop or tablet
  • Satellite imagery with GIS, Google Maps or Open Street maps
  • Low installation cost and low maintenance
  • Live position tracking of vessels
  • Imports all marks regardless of manufacturer
  • System consists of industrial rated GPS hardware and software
  • Local backup provided for support and future development
  • Designed in WA for Australian conditions