Waste and Assets Tracking System

A computer GPS monitoring system with dash mounted touch screen  monitoring bin lifts with vehicle route location , with additional driver input  for various programmed asset management


  • Bin lifts recorded automatically
  • Gives the operator a means of collecting real time data and having it automatically downloaded to the central office server
  • Uses a touch screen display with customer specified buttons to allow reporting of specific events
  • Mobile phone communications allows fast updating of information from the vehicle to the server
  • Data is overlayed and displayed on any GIS or mapping system


  • Accurate marking of organic contamination, bin lifts, broken bins, and number of bins
  • Location marking of other reports such as pothole location, verge pickup violations and illegal dumping
  • Live position tracking fo vehicle
  • Button functions can be programmed for any event capture
  • System consists of industrial rated computer and touch screen
  • Local backup provided for support and future development
  • Designed in WA for Australian conditions