Asset & Equipment Tracking System

AssetTrack enables mapping, recording and monitoring of project data in the field. It is customisable to suit many types of projects. These include revegetation and rehabilitation projects, vertebrate pest surveys and control, remote equipment maintenance, earthwork projects, mine surveying and bush fire control.


  • Simple in-vehicle or handheld touchscreen mapping with GPS locations
  • Item locations are displayed on the map with details such as timestamp and notes
  • GPS guides operator to any item from the database
  • New items are recorded quickly using a customisable set of buttons


  • Quickly create new asset records in the database while in the field
  • Items from a database are displayed on map
  • Define paths and boundary of areas, such as tracking areas of work done
  • Displays distance and bearing and range rings to selected location
  • Custom map layers and symbols
  • Multiple GPS feeds handled to simplify high precision work
  • Custom user generated reports