TSA DriverAlert

The remote driver and speed alert system

The Driver Alert System encourages safe driving by providing an alarm to drivers when they are speeding. DriverAlert uses GPS co-ordinate ‘Geofences’ to map out speed zones that can have individual speed limits attached to them. The system monitors travel through the geofenced areas and alerts a driver if they are exceeding the limit in a particular zone. The ease of creating geofences and the flexibility to apply speed limits makes the system ideal for remote areas where speed poses a particular risk to safety. DriverAlert makes it straightforward to inform drivers and monitor speed related safety in areas that up till now have been difficult to manage.


  • Dash Display shows driver current speed limit reducing reliance on costly signage
  • Driver is alerted instantly when speeding via visual and audible alarms and given time to reduce their speed
  • If a driver continues to speed DriverAlert logs the event and sends an alert via satellite
  • Server based software records all the alerts with the ability to notify staff via email
  • Ability to poll a vehicle location via satellite and display on a GIS mapping system
  • Driver can request assistance via the alert switch on the Dash Display which sends the vehicles location and ID
  • All geofence information is stored in the vehicle processor to allow instant alerts to the driver. No connection to a server is required which allows true remote location operation
  • Satellite connection costs are kept to a minimum by storing all incidents in the vehicle processor with a black box approach and only transmitting a configurable number of records per day
  • Web application provides mapping of vehicle locations and access to alert records
  • Web application manages all satellite communications


  • DriverAlert handles large and complex geofences catering for virtually any scenario
  • Geofences also allow inclusion and exclusion zones to restrict where vehicles can travel
  • DriverAlert web application can be hosted externally by Touchtech or installed on a customers internal network
  • DriverAlert is highly configurable to suit the needs of individual customers
  • DriverAlert is designed to be easily installed to minimise cost of installations
  • DriverAlert was developed specifically for mining exploration vehicles. However, the system can be applied to any scenario where speed related safety and compliance is a concern